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Monday,18 April 2011

Our Hypnobabies Classes Schedule

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We are offering Hypnobabies classes on Thursday and Saturday take a look at our class schedule.
Thursday Saturday
6/4 – 7/9 6/2 – 7/7
7/30 – 9/3 7/28 – 9/1
9/24 – 10/29 9/22 – 10/27
11/5 – 12/17 11/3 – 12/15
(no class 11/26) (no class 11/24)


Thursday,26 November 2009

De vuelta

Llevo tiempo alejada del mundo cybernetico, el nacimiento de mi hijo, el comiezo en el cole mi chica y las clases de Hypnobabies no doy basto. Aqui estoy de vuelta a retomar lo que deje a medias.

Hace poco mi matrona me envio este video sobre la lactancia materna y me encanto, hacen falta muchos mas como este.

Friday,1 May 2009

What is Hypnosis and Hypnobabies video

Here is a video of founder of Hypnobabies explaining what is hypnosis and Hypnobabies.

Saturday,28 February 2009

Hypnobabies give away!!!!!

Visit Hypnobabies blog they are giving away Hypnosis for an Easy Pregnancy CD Set.

This set is great for expecting moms, friends of expecting moms (what a great gift to give!) or even doulas who could lend the CD’s to their clients.

Good luck!

Thursday,26 February 2009

What am I going to do?… He sounds just like a robot!

There is some trouble in Hypnobabies paradise!  What you belive becomes your reality…. I was a little worried how I was going to respond to Jon’s voice instead of a females voice when reading the scripts, early this week I got my answer.  I couldn’t  relax it seem to me that is a computer reaading with no feeling when is telling me to relax …  So here I am trying to relax but my in my mind I am going over every word he says analyzing if the tone was like Kerry’s or Rose’s tone,  if that particular word should have been carried longer and smoother and then I will make a face and he’ll start laughing.  Oh,   I need help!  I made a plan, we were both going to listened to learning selfhypnosis together and I’ll get my practice and he’ll learn how Kerry does it. We did it, we haven’t been able to try again since our beloved daughter has decide that 3:30 is a good time to wake up this week… and we are exhausted!  Mean while I’ve been listening to the CD’s during the day. We’ll give it a try in a little while…

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