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Thursday,26 November 2009

De vuelta

Llevo tiempo alejada del mundo cybernetico, el nacimiento de mi hijo, el comiezo en el cole mi chica y las clases de Hypnobabies no doy basto. Aqui estoy de vuelta a retomar lo que deje a medias.

Hace poco mi matrona me envio este video sobre la lactancia materna y me encanto, hacen falta muchos mas como este.


Wednesday,16 September 2009

Hypnobabies Classes Gaithersburg MD

Hypnobabies class in Gaithersburg MDIMG_0959_2

Saturday Sept 26 – Oct 31  from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

For more information visit

Tuesday,5 May 2009

Flex usa parto en casa para promocionar sus colchones

Este anuncio esta circulando en las cadenas de television espanolas para promocionar los colchones Flex.

Flex, a mattress brand, use a homebirth as thier new promotion in Spanish TV

This is ad is being show in Spanish TV to promote one of the leading brands in mattresses.

Monday,2 March 2009

Supermom Central is giving away a Bumbleride!

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Check the blog for more details. Good luck!

La lactancia protege el corazón de las mujeres

Un estudio realizado ha encontrado que la mujeres que han amamantado a sus hijos tiene 23% menos riesgo de padecer enfermedades coronarias.  Otra buena razon para amamantar tus hijos.

Para leer la noticia haz clic aqui.

Thursday,26 February 2009

What am I going to do?… He sounds just like a robot!

There is some trouble in Hypnobabies paradise!  What you belive becomes your reality…. I was a little worried how I was going to respond to Jon’s voice instead of a females voice when reading the scripts, early this week I got my answer.  I couldn’t  relax it seem to me that is a computer reaading with no feeling when is telling me to relax …  So here I am trying to relax but my in my mind I am going over every word he says analyzing if the tone was like Kerry’s or Rose’s tone,  if that particular word should have been carried longer and smoother and then I will make a face and he’ll start laughing.  Oh,   I need help!  I made a plan, we were both going to listened to learning selfhypnosis together and I’ll get my practice and he’ll learn how Kerry does it. We did it, we haven’t been able to try again since our beloved daughter has decide that 3:30 is a good time to wake up this week… and we are exhausted!  Mean while I’ve been listening to the CD’s during the day. We’ll give it a try in a little while…

Does Breastfeeding Protect Against Substantiated Child Abuse and Neglect? A 15-Year Cohort Study

A study suggesting, breastfeeding may help to protect against maternally perpetrated child maltreatment, particularly child neglect. Another reason to breastfeed!

Click here for the article

Sunday,22 February 2009

Our first class… I’m a Hypno-student again!

Yesterday we had our first Hypnobaies class; we left our daughter with babysitter with a big smile and a “bye mami, bye papa” she got us out of the house.  We took two pillows and a blanket (I’ll take two for next class, since I think Jon got chilly during the relaxation exercises).  We got there early but were at the wrong house, preggo brain 🙂 !

Once we clear the mistake, Rose, our instructor, received us at the door.  We moved to area where the class was going to take place, already there were two other couples.  Once the class started Rose give us a little background on her path to childbirth education and her experience as a Hypno-mom and we got to introduce ourselves and briefly share previous childbirth experiences.

After a relaxation session, our full blast class began with information about hypnosis, the power of words and the power of the mind.  The dynamics on the class was phenomenal; I felt very comfortable and believed the other two couples were comfortable as well.  Rose had yummy, healthy snacks for us, which was great and gave us an opportunity to interact with the other couples, to get to know each other a little more.  They have officially become part of my support system during this wonderful journey.

We finish with the script Jon has to read to me every other day; it was easy to get in hypnosis everything clicks on right away.   I did not respond to the cue of open the eyes; I can’t remember the exact words Rose was reading, I was aware of her voice at all times , this is different from when I did the Home Study, since I always felt I was asleep when Kerry was talking on the CD’s.  I’ve been practicing my finger drop technique and we have a date for our script tomorrow.  I will keep you posted, I’m a little nervous on how I’m going to react when Jon is reading the scripts 🙂

Friday,20 February 2009

Trouble with repeat Cesarens… ICAN on the news

Here is an article advocating for VBACs and exposing the risks involved in repeated C-sections.,9171,1880665-2,00.html?iid=perma_share

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