La revolucion de las diez lunas

Another Hypnobaby in this world; my daughter’s birth sotry

My second daughter  made her entrance to this world in Nov 1st at 7:42 am, she weight 6.14 and 19.5 in.  I was admitted to the hospital on the 31st at 10 to be induced in the morning, since I was dilating but no effacing, we could have waited but the next date available for induction was on 10th and Jon’s leave ends on the 11, so we make our choice, I wasn’t very happy about it since I was aiming for a natural birth and I knew form previous experiences that induction make it quite challenging.  I felt I had lost control of my birthing process and all of the sudden it strike me, induction was the choice we made it was not imposed by my doctors, which have been more than supportive during this pregnancy, I still was in control!

We got to the hospital around 10:30pm Halloween eve. At midnight they put the prostaglandins pill in and I went to bed to sleep. At 4:30 pressure waves were getting more intense and coming quicker I started practicing my hypnosis and squatting (thanks for all those squats during yoga weeks!) at 5:30 they check me and I was at 4 cm, at 6:30 the set the IV and they start the pitocin dripping.

Around 7:15. I was questioning my self if I was going to be able to do it without medications since the pressure waves were intense and one on top of the other thanks to the medication. Immediately after the dripping started I felt the need to use the restroom and the nurse check me again, 5 cm. During all this process I was not sure haw Jon was going to respond and if he was going to be capable of provide the support and guidance that I was going to need, we have study the course separately due to the nature of his job and I think we did not practice together not once.  But he knew, and I responded, when the pressure wave peak, he laid his hand on my shoulder and I felt relax and secure.

All of the sudden I was feeling nauseated and threw up, and I told myself “this is like transition that the course described but I’m in 5cm, this is me being a wimp, I can’t be in transition yet“, it took for ever to go from 5 to 10 with my previous birthing. I decided to get in the warm tub with my lavender essential oil and y deepening script and I felt like I was in heaven! I was listening to my hypnosis scripts, so relax I felt I was going to have a bowel movement shortly after. I had to use the restroom.  Right after my bowel movement I felt my body was pushing and I reach down to feel that the baby’s head was coming (I scream the baby is coming!) When I start walking towards the bed the head came out “the baby is here” and Jon just had time to hold my back while I was squatting and my beautiful baby was sliding through my hands to the bathroom floor… Less than two hours pass from the time the start the Pit IV to my baby’s arrival, I know everything speed up because I had no fear, I was comfortable and totally relax deep in my hypnosis.

If Jon would tell his side of the story, it would include that when I was in the tub I was exhaling my baby; I was in such a deepening hypnosis that I kind of remember that part but I was in my special place and peace is the only thing I can recall.  I read about those hypnomoms describing a “high” after birth but I could not relate to that part from my other experience.  Right after Elisa’s birth I felt a fantastic sensation like I just got out of the best roller coaster ride of my life! Hypnobabies gave us the empowerment to have an amazing birth, our intimate birth, just the three of us at the beginning of our life together.


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