La revolucion de las diez lunas

The beginning of my journey into childbirth education

I’ve always been the hippie in my house and in one form or another always tend toward the natural path. When pregnant with my first daughter started looking for information in books  especially in those top seller that provided in great detail all the horrors and setbacks that are going to happen to you  during these ten wonderful moons, the internet was not as common as it is today. After reading  that kind of literature if you do not have “symptoms”, you  mentally will create them.

My pregnancy was very good  and my birth even though full of  medical interventions (oxytocin induction, rupture of membranes, demerol, epidural, continuous fetal monitoring, restriction of movement, lying  flat on my back all the time) at that time was not particularly traumatic. In fact I was tired but happy to have had a vaginal delivery, having escaped from an episiotomy, happy that my daughter was nursing immediately, I felt lucky to be one of those whose contractions are not perceived as pain but as  pressure. When getting pregnant a second time, knew I could do it with out drugs and I begun the search for information, education for a natural birth and if possible  a water birth.  I During my search I came a cross  Hypnobabies  and jump on the train.   My birth was induced, in hospital, my daughter came into this world quickly and without pain medications. With Hypnobabies techniques I had a pain-free birth, I was totally relaxed, full of energy (you can read her birth story here).  During my search I realized that there are many resources in English, are to be found, but if you put the right words a link takes you to another, but if you look at Spanish resources are diminishing. So here I am compiling information to facilitate and encourage women who are pregnant or have plans to have a family to be educated and take control of their birth to make the right decisions that will better fit to their values and beliefs.

I believe that babies should come to this world in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, where the mother is respected as a woman, as a human being. I understand that we must restore confidence in our bodies, and allow them to do the job they are designed. I want to witness a change where the pregnancy’s views will shift form the high medicalized and institutionalized labor as we commonly known  to a approach a pregnant woman as  a healthy person going throug one of the most important events in her life. Here is my two cents toward tha goal.


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