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Wednesday,18 February 2009

Oh baby, I’m pregnant

I am almost 27 weeks pregnant with my third child.  Today I had my ultrasound, everything seem to be in place a healthy, this was a huge relieve.  We got a quick 3D snap shot of baby’s face and it is a clone of our second daughter.   We were good at not giving up to the temptation to find out if it was a boy or a girl, I’m so proud!  It is amazing how all my kids seem to be bother by the ultrasound they cover their faces and turn away form the probe, it might have a low risk but definitely the baby can feel it and mine does not like it at all!

All of the sudden it’s hitting me, I’m pregnant again!  I just saw the baby, and my Hypnobabies class begins on Saturday!  I’m so exited to be on a live class, last time I did the Home Study with wonderful results; I know I’ll love the class. I feel a little pressure since I’m an instructor; I feel I have the responsibility to make the best out of it, and I will, I’m ready to have my great natural birth.  I know Jon will benefit from the class being taught by someone else than me, I know this class will round up his skills and he’ll be my support, my rock as always!

I’ll keep you updated on how my practice is going, I think its going to be fun to be able to practice and share with the world.


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