La revolucion de las diez lunas

Wednesday,21 January 2009

Living history

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Today we are living history!  Hope can be touch everywhere you look.  There is a lot to be done, we as citizens need to understand that it is not a one men job to modify the actual situation.  Effort and sacrifice is required from all of us to make this much needed change.

The acceptance speak was inspirational and very emotive.  As a scientist, I felt that we have a fantastic opportunity to shine and do what we do best, research.  As a student, the recognition of transformation in our education system, in our institutions to bring up the standards and produce competitive students and professionals  bring hope  to my daily tasks.  As a individual the opportunity to witness an international policy where dialoged and peace are main stream is  a dream come true.   It is moving to hear about alternative energies, responsible use of natural resources, unity and tearing down walls, but it is also true that in the next four years we will be facing challenges and it is not going to be enough to vote in masses as we did in November to make this much needed revolution happen.  We’ll be  shifting our paradigms, our life styles, ourselves to make this change.  It would be unreal to drop all the responsibility and weight on our new president, I much rather think we as citizens hungry for that change are willing and will make the necessary adjustments to make this transformation a reality.  I’m ready, are you?


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